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Ginger, lemon oolong tea!

Ginger, lemon oolong tea!

An aromatic cup of oolong tea, spiced with fresh ginger, lemon and sweetened with honey. 
A slightly spicy taste from slicing fresh ginger and a bit of lemon is famous for cure your digestive problems, mid-day migranes and fat loss. 
Enjoy a cup of lemon ginger oolong tea with these common ingredients and simple steps below! 


2 Tearoma Oolong tea bags 
½ lemon or lime 
3 ginger slices
2 teaspoons of honey


Step 1: Make your tea with 2 tea bags and ginger in a cup of 200 ml hot water

Step 2: Brew your tea in 5 minutes, then take out your tea bags. It is optional to add extra 50 ml room temperature water to cool the tea down.

Step 3: Squeeze in some lemon, stir in some honey! Enjoy!

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