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Tearoma is a prestigious and quality tea brand, a member of The Coffee House family. Tearoma provides a full service package, including consulting, designing, manufacturing and processing corporate gift products.

With the customer-centered criterion, Tearoma understands and offers customers a variety of choices that are suitable for their budget, with products that are cared for and ensure the most stringent requirements for quality. The products and brands that cooperate with Tearoma are all clean, quality, reputable products and strictly comply with national regulations on food hygiene and safety.

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Products with clear origin

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Full service, complete processing

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Design on demand

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Fast speed, large output

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Costs within budget

Tearoma Collection

Tearoma tea is selected from 100% raw materials from Lam Dong Plateau, with delicate aroma, rich tea flavor and advanced technology with understanding of Vietnamese consumers.

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The Coffee House is a coffee brand for young people. With experts who know the coffee taste of young customers, they will bring the best and most perfect coffee experience at home or at the shop.

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Selected according to customer requirements; Guaranteed clear origin with the best price. Contact us to choose the right products at a reasonable price.

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