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Butterfly Pea Oolong milk tea recipe!

Butterfly Pea Oolong milk tea recipe!

A beautiful yet deliciously creamy drink for your sudden afternoon break. Butterfly pea flowers are famous for the beautiful sky blue color from their petals when brewing in hot water. Plus, the smooth yet tenderness from Tearoma oolong tea will take this drink to another level of tastiness. 
Check out the simpliest recipe below to reward yourself a glass of creamy and pretty butterfly pea oolong milk tea! Tag us in your photos #Tearoma.



10 Butterfly Pea flowers 

2  Tearoma oolong tea bags

2 tea spoons of condensed milk 

1 glass of ice cubes


Step 1: Boil 200 ml water, brew tea and butterfly pea flowers in. Wait for 15 minutes!

Step 2: Take out butterfly pea flowers and tea bags. Add in condensed milk!

Step 3: Add ice cubes and enjoy!


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