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Fresh Lychee Jasmine Iced Tea!

Fresh Lychee Jasmine Iced Tea!

Want something refreshing for your thrist? Get your hand on the easiest refreshing tea recipe but yet simple to do. 

The mouthwatering mix of Tearoma aromatic jasmine tea and fruity flavor of lychee will light up your day! The perfect combination of smooth fruity flavor on a rich premium jasmine green tea note! 

Enjoy your qua-li-tea time! 


2 Tearoma Jasmine tea bags 

2 passion fruits to extract juice or 70 ml extracted passion fruit juice 

Some lemon and orange slices for extra flavour and decoration 

2 tea spoons of sugar (can be ạdjusted to your own taste)

Step 1: Boil 150 ml water and brew 2 jasmine tea bags 

Step 2: Brew the tea for 10 minutes to get the richest taste. 

Step 3: When the tea is still warm, add sugar and stir well!

Step 4: Add lemon and orange slices and a generous amount of iced cubes and enjoy! 




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