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Yummy Peach Milk tea!

Yummy Peach Milk tea!

A delicious blended milk tea, a balanced creamy taste from condensed milk, a sweet peach sophisticated aroma on a rich quality black tea note will not disappoint you.
Reward yourself a glass of creamy peach milk tea with these simple steps! Enjoy your tea time! 



2 Tearoma Peach tea bags 
2 teaspoons of condensed milk 
½ preserved peach cut in chunks 


Step 1: Brew 2 Tearoma peach tea in 200 ml boiled water. Wait for 10 minutes to get the best taste and aroma! 

Step 2: Take out the tea bags, stir in condensed milk thoroughly!

Step 3: Add peach chunks and add lots of ice for refreshment! Enjoy!

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