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Roasted rich Oolong milk tea!

Roasted rich Oolong milk tea!

Oolong tea provides the most aromatic yet delicious taste. The taste is more enhancing when combining with condensed milk. Oolong milk tea is perfect to have with topioca pearl topping and serve cold. 

Get your hands on our easy 4 step-recipe to satisfy your thrist! Have a wonderful tea-time!

10 gr Tearoma Oolong tea (around 2 tea spoons)

300 ml fresh milk 

2 teaspoons of brown sugar 

2 teaspoons of condensed milk


Step 1: Roast oolong tea on a hot stove with brown sugar for 6 minutes

Step 2: Add in fresh milk

Step 3: Stir in condensed milk 

Step 4: Add ice cubes and enjoy!


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