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Tearoma tea - Awaken your senses

Tearoma tea - Awaken your senses

Need a fresh taste to boost your mood after a stressful working day? Or simply miss the feeling of freshness and relaxation with a cup of fragrant tea? Immediately dip Tearoma tea bags to uplift your mood, awaken all senses and get ready for a long yet exciting day.
Tearoma tea - Unique and exquisite aroma
Tearoma tea always pleases all tea lovers, even the most difficult ones. When enjoying Tearoma tea, you will not be able to resist the attraction from its distinctive aroma because each Tearoma fresh young tea leaf is carefully selected from the hands of  experienced tea experts. After that, the quality leaves go through many standard stages such as: sorting, brewing, rubbing, drying, delicate flavoring ... to keep the aroma always fresh and natural, help to awaken your sense of smell, to wake you up and get ready for a new day. 

The unique flavor brightens your taste!
If the aroma of Tearoma tea is a highlight, then the flavor is a unique mark. Tearoma tea scores points in the hearts of tea lovers with 4 unique tea flavors, made from 100% fresh tea leaves on Lam Dong highlands- the ideal paradise for growing tea.. Help awaken the taste and endless inspiration for young people to conquer all challenges: 

Sweet, exquisite Tearoma peach tea helps you to get rid of the dull mood, switch the working mood on right away with the ferry spirit ready to kill any deadlines.
Tearoma lotus tea with a sweet aftertaste - the ideal drink to instantly cool off, refresh and recharge the energy to overcome a long, sluggish day.
Floral, refreshing Tearoma jasmine Tea - helps stir up a new day full of excitement and enthusiasm to stay active.
Oolong tea has a strong, natural aromatic flavor - the source of energy to boost your excitement, giving you moments of relaxation to conquer the day.
The melody of stirring tea
What could be more wonderful when every moment of enjoying tea is a moment of relaxation. From the sound of tea stirring, to the sound of ice cubes falling on the sides of the glass, awaken your senses, help you relax and get ready for new challenges.


Enjoy Tearoma Peach Tea that awakens your sight and touch
Whether you work at the office, participate in outdoor activities, or gather with friends for a weekend picnic and feel thirsty. There are Tearoma tea bags, which are convenient to sip anytime, anywhere.
The recipe is extremely simple, just open the sachet package, put the Tearoma peach tea bag in a glass of boiling water, add a few slices of peaches, add ice, and you will have a delicious, rich cup of delicious Tearoma peach tea.
And yet, Tearoma tea packaging with colorful, youthful and dynamic colors gives you a visual experience to awaken the touch, helping you to be inspired to live every moment.
Instead of going to noisy and busy cafe shops, now, you can easily drop yourself into a relaxing and comfortable space at home with the complex aroma and rich taste of Tearoma tea bags!

Stir a cup of Tearoma tea, turn on your favorite music playlist and chill to the fullest!
Tearoma - A member of The Coffee House Family! 

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