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Tearoma x TCH - The newly in love couple

Tearoma x TCH - The newly in love couple

Tearoma officially expressed her love for The Coffee House - a handsome guy with tanned skin, always active, youthful and creative. Although they just started dating, Tearoma and The Coffee House have become perfect symbols in the hearts of young people. Let's discover interesting things about this couple!!
The Coffee House - strong taste & Tearoma -  exquisite aroma!
The Coffee House impresses Tearoma with its strong appearance, ecstatic aroma, and unmistakable delicious taste, then Tearoma tea shines with its impressive personality, delicate aroma and delicious, fresh flavor. 
Produced from fresh young tea leaves on Lam Dong highlands, through carefully selected hands of experts, Tearoma was born with a delicate and distinctive aroma, along with a rich tea taste, awakening all senses.
Tearoma is attractive by their eye-catching attractive appearance with colorful packaging. It is the hopeful blue color of the bold Oolong Tea, the attractive orange color of the sweet fragrant Peach Tea, the gentle yellow of floral Jasmine Tea, the graceful pink of the sweet Lotus Tea. All blend to create a perfect, attractive Tearoma. 
A young, active couple. Always up for new challenges
Not only matched by their perfect talent, the duo The Coffee House and Tearoma are also an inspiration to spread the enthusiasm of living every moment to young generation. If the day is long, if you are drained with endless meetings, deadlines are piling up, need a refreshing drink to regain motivation, just sip the duo The Coffee House and Tearoma, you will conquer your goal even if it's a long day.
Above all, at any time of the day, as long as you enjoy this duo, the rich flavors will satisfy the senses, uplift your mood, help you relax and refresh to enjoy every moment!


A flirtatious couple
If we had to use adjectives to describe the perfect duo The Coffee House and Tearoma, it would be youthful, dynamic and creative. Whatever your taste, the perfect duo always has a way to help you "get out". What if your crush has a sweet taste? Give away a box of fragrant #Tearoma tea.
What if your crush likes cuteness? Immediately give him/her a cup of strong The Coffee House coffee, drop a nice pick up line and he will like you immediately.
The Coffee House and Tearoma tea are not only a symbol of youth, the duo is also a romantic gift with an attractive fragrance that leads your loved one to you.
If you are still wondering how to confess your love to that person in an impressive way, don't worry, the duo The Coffee House and Tearoma will replace what you want to say. A little attention, a little care like that is enough for your crush to fall in love. 


Buy the perfect duo The Coffee House and Tearoma to take home to enjoy the perfect taste and sip, enjoy with your loved ones!
Tearoma - A member of The Coffee House Family! 
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