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The most aromatic tea has just arrived in town!

The most aromatic tea has just arrived in town!

Tearoma - a tea brand that is specially made for young people. A member of The Coffee House family
The Coffee House - the famous coffee chain in town with traditional coffee and tea servings, using seasonal and fresh ingredients, combining with the most talented barista to bring the most satisfying beverages as well as the exceptional drinking experience!
Following the legacy, The Coffee House has just launched a new member called Tearoma - A new young tea brand is made especially for vietnamese young people. Tearoma is recognised by a smiley face logo to inspire an active, fresh, and dynamic lifestyle! It is not just a drink, it is a lifestyle!
With the desire to inspire positive energy and to bring tea drinking culture closer to the Vietnamese young generation, Tearoma was born as a golden face of aromatic, delicious and quality tea. If you still don't know what to drink today, choose  Tearoma - the tea with an exquisite fragrance and rích taste from quality tea leaves!
Tearoma - 100% made from quality young tea leaves on Lam Dong Highlands.
Masterfully made from 100% young tea leaves on Lam Dong highlands, where the weather is perfect for growing tea, through the delicate hands and careful selective eyes of tea experts and the modern process of fermentation to release enzymes. Young tea leaves are delicately perfumed, then Tearoma with a characteristic exquisite aroma and an unforgettable rich tea taste, awakening all the senses from the first taste.


Tearoma - exquisite aroma, flavorful taste
Tearoma with 4 aromatic tea flavors will satisfy all tea lovers. It's the sweet and fragrant lotus - the delicate aroma of local floral note, the characteristic oolong - the sweet and natural aromatic tea, the tender and floral perfume jasmine flavor to relax and finally the sweet and fresh yet rich taste of ripe peaches.
Each flavor has its own unique aroma and taste, packaged in a compact, convenient tea sachet, which is easy to bring with you everywhere to give you excitement throughout the day, a complete tea drinking experience. 
Tearoma tea bag collection - A perfect choice for convenience 

In addition to the ecstatic tea aroma and flavor, Tearoma also attracts young tea lovers with its colorful, eye-catching packaging, stylish square box design, guaranteeing the best tea experience you ever had!
For this new launch, Tearoma introduces 2 tea collections: tea bags and tea leaves for you to freely choose according to your own preferences.


There are ups and downs every day, but with Tearoma it's always the best. Choose Tearoma, choose great living style!
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