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Who is a new crush of The Coffee House?

Who is a new crush of The Coffee House?

What are fans most passionate about when it comes to The Coffee House? Is it the famous cool and refreshing peach orange lemongrass tea or the famous and delicious cup of coffee?

Tearoma & The Coffee House - a perfect couple, the companion of active youngsters

From now on you will not be able to ignore another name whenever you mention The Coffee House, it is Tearoma - a new member, a companion of the great Coffee House family and also the golden face on the tea market famous for its exquisite aroma!

As a new source of positive energy, Tearoma tea was born with a distinctive smiley face logo which is similar to the letter O in the logo of The Coffee House and expressed an optimistic and dynamic spirit with the desire to become friends with young people on a journey to find inspiration to enjoy every single moment in life!

Tearoma & The Coffee House has now become a perfect couple, hand in hand to spread positive, optimistic and joyful life energy to young people on all walks of life! If you are still single, choose someone like Tearoma hihi.

Tearoma tea bags are convenient with delicate aroma, rich taste which is made from 100% pure frosted tea leaves on Lam Dong highlands, carefully filtered and selected by tea expert hands. 4 unique Tearoma tea flavors with delicate flavors that are hard to resist: Sweet and juicy peach, tender floral Jasmine, sweet and fragrant Lotus, rich aromatic Oolong, giving you an unforgettable taste and smell, a complete tea drinking experience.

And yet, Tearoma also captures the hearts of "tea players" with its colorful, eye-catching and trendy packaging design that will captivate you from the first time you see it!

A day of many deadlines, the study is so sluggish, with the fragrant Tearoma in hand, everything is as simple as you imagine it would be.

Having a little doubt, enjoy Tearoma right away and always keep up the mood for a long day with endless inspiration!

Tearoma - A member of The Coffee House Family.

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