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Tearoma with quality tea source from Lam Dong highlands!

Tearoma with quality tea source from Lam Dong highlands!

Whether a cup of tea in the morning or a sip of fragrant tea in the hot afternoon, Tearoma - A member of The Coffee House can do it all for you.
Origin of Tearoma tea
Lam Dong is known as the land for tea with lots of tea hills. Everywhere on winding roads, undulating hills or even along the highway, you can see lush green tea gardens all year round.
Lam Dong highlands - a land endowed by nature with a cool temperate climate all year round, fertile soil,  perfect for growing tea. Tearoma brings the best quality young tea leaves from Lam Dong highland with an impressive and delicate natural fragrance and strong yet flavorful first taste for all experienced tea lovers. 

Tearoma - A trusted source of quality tea of delicate aroma and rich taste
The significant quality of Tearoma lies in the selection of 100% quality frosted young tea buds through the careful hands of experienced professionals. The tea selection process requires ingenuity, subtlety and knowing the right time to harvest to get the best quality of tea which wil determine the aroma as well as the tea flavor.

After being harvested, the tea buds will enter the tea drying and production stage through a standardized process of partial fermentation (for oolong tea) to help release enzymes. The complexity of aroma from the process creates a characteristic exquisite aroma, and the rich tea flavor will give tea lovers a full tea drinking experience, arousing all your senses throughout the day. 

Tearoma tea - uplift your mood! 
Tearoma tea bag collection has 4 delicate and rich aromatic tea flavors guaranteed to conquer your taste and smell. Whether it's youthful ripe peach tea, delicate Oolong, fragrant Jasmine or sweet Lotus - Tearoma believes that you will feel great with these 4 tea flavors because when you feel great, you can achieve more!

There are times of ups and downs during the day, sipping a cup of fragrant Tearoma will make you see the difficulty a lot easier!

Fighting with your best frienđ - Here is Tearoma!
Meeting overload - sip Tearoma!
Tired from online shopping - try Tearoma!
Don't believe it? Try it now and have a complete tea drinking experience so that the day is always exciting, refreshing and creative to conquer every "stress" ;)

Tearoma - A member of The Coffee House Family.
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