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Amazing tea flavors for an exciting day!

Amazing tea flavors for an exciting day!

Need an aromatic drink to start your day? Need a break from work and chill out  for a while? Don't worry, Tearoma can do it all!
Tearoma tea is convenient with a catchy colorful box design, quick and easy to prepare with just 2 steps: put the tea bag in a cup, add boiling water and enjoy it anytime, anywhere.
And yet, Tearoma has a delicate aroma with 4 rich and fragrant tea flavors creating an unforgettable aftertaste that makes you fall in love with each special flavor. Let's take a look at Tearoma to see which tea flavor you are a fan of!
Ripe Peach Tea: sweet, exquisite aroma and rich flavor, with ingredients from 100% pure frosted young tea buds from Lam Dong highlands - add a few slices of fragrant peach, a little crunchy topica balls, a few ice cubes and that's it. Have a cup of peach tea to beat the sweltering heat! The sweet and refreshing taste is the highlight that makes this drink so attractive. Try it now!

Natural flavor Oolong tea: from 100% dewy oolong tea buds on Lam Dong highlands, where the climate is perfect for growing tea, Oolong Tearoma Tea with standard process of partial fermentation helps release enzymes that create natural aroma and tastful flavor for every sip.There's nothing better than enjoying the strong, natural aromatic Oolong tea in the early morning to start your new day.

Floral Jasmine Tea: If you fall in love with the fragrant Jasmine flavor, why not choose Tearoma Tea bags right away? Like 2 friends, Tea Peach and Oolong, Tearoma carefully selects each young tea bud for its rich, delicious taste. Start a new day with a cup of Jasmine tea, ensuring a long day of excitement!

Sweet fragrant Lotus Tea: A delicious cup of Lotus tea is the drink that warms your heart up from its tender aroma of grassland and the aftertaste is sweet, fleshy. It's okay to be a little sleepy in the afternoon because there is Sen Tearoma tea next to you, add a layer of salty cheese cream, top with some lotus seeds, you will stay fresh and cool throughout the afternoon.

4 flavors of Tearoma, each of which is rich and delicious, will help you get excited to have the energy to conquer all goals. Tearoma now go and wait!

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